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My Story

An overwhelming desire for change grew within me. Sure I could have sailed through a local government career, picked up a pension and play the game like I had been. But what if, instead, I took my time to choose a path, and I mean really deliberate over what I knew would be a challenge, with the greatest reward, minimal environmental impact, and gave me an opportunity to have a positive impact upon everyone I meet. 

Ever wondered what its like to quit your job, take a risk, and bet on yourself to build a new career from scratch? What about doing something amazing and being accountable only unto yourself? Well, its totally liberating, scary, interesting and utterly rewarding.

I know exactly what pain and discomfort brings. I've damaged my spine, had my knee reconstructed, broken my nose, countless muscular injuries all in the name of either sports or not respecting the limits of my body. Each rehabilitation led to a genuine interest in anatomy and physiology and understanding how equally robust and delicate our bodies can be. 



My Training

I began to study Sports Massage at the Jackie Hamilton School in Norwich. My teacher introduced me to Thai medicine, so I studied this too in London for 300hrs with Natasha De Grunwald at the

London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage and loved its dynamics, from gentle touch, deep stretches to strong compressions all equal in their powerful effects. I met another mentor, this time offering cutting edge biomechanics, integrating manual and movement therapy. This led me to Yoga, I had already been practicing for years but to teach? I'm not flexible enough. How wrong was I! I have learned through my gurus at Kashish Yoga in Goa that teaching Yoga is about being a guide not folding myself into a pretzel.

Now I have a blend of powerful traditional Thai bodywork mixed with a modern knowledge of Biomechanics and combining this manual therapy with the movement and philosophy of Yoga. I want to help you understand why you hurt, use my body to help yours to heal and give you valuable tools to take care of your body and mind. With a more comfortable body and a quieter mind, you can focus on the joy of this life.

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