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Our hands are powerful tools. We deliver our expression and our intention through these

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Thai Bodywork - Soft Tissue Massage - Yoga

Buddhism is the foundation of Thai Medicine
This is Jon Winnett, Thai Bodywork practitioner and Yoga Teacher for Bodhiworx

About Me

My Passion and lifestyle is firmly grounded in healing arts. It has taken me years to get to grips with sporting injuries, discourse within the mind and spiritual direction. My training in manual therapy and Yoga has revealed an amazing depth of technology handed down to us through generations. I combine ancient and modern Massage therapies with the movement and breathwork of  Yoga to share with clients in need of pain management, emotional balance, spiritual guidance, or simply to offer a deeply relaxing experience

"Being Kind to Yourself is the Foundation of Your Wellbeing"

Jon Winnett 29/11/2021

I believe most muscular problems begin close to the spine. If a structure is starved of neurological signalling or nutrients it will eventually become weaker and give discomfort

What I can offer you

Palm Massage
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Traditional Thai Bodywork

Traditional Thai Bodywork is just amazing. it cannot be rushed. It is a deep and spiritual treatment. The use of deep acupressure techniques, Assisted stretching, Hot herbal compress and joint mobilisation, I make space for everything to move and flow as it should. It  is extremely cathartic and guaranteed to change your outlook on the day. 

Sessions start at 1hr and are up to 2hrs. The treatment takes place on a large floor futon and you will be fully clothed. Either wear or bring with you some loose clothing. Ladies - leggings/Hareem pants and a t-shirt, Gents pyjama trousers or lounge trousers with a t-shirt

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy is deep relaxation. Working with direct skin contact, you are well draped on a comfortable heated electric couch. Using a variety of techniques, this therapy places you in a state of deep relaxation, improving your circulation, dropping blood pressure, boosting immune response, draining lymph and so much more. In this space, your body does the amazing job of repairing itself physically and emotionally. We plan exactly what you want out of the session, Its your treatment! we can focus on a relaxing spa experience or clinical pain management/injury rehab 

Yoga Classes

Yoga is ancient technology, I'm looking to enlighten you with its secrets. Its simply a recipe for a comfortable body and a peaceful mind. Let me help you develop your practice with Asana, Pranayama and Dhyana.

Movement, breath work and Meditation.

You can join a class to maintain a regular practice, or book a one to one for a truly personalised session with adjustment for your technique, guidance through mediation or breathwork either in person or virtually

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Perrotts, The Green, Aldborough, Norwich NR11 7AA England

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Herbal compress are a tool used in Thai Medicine. healing herbs are steamed hot and used directly on your body delivering comforting heat, healing properties of the herbs and soothing fragrance
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