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Welcome to my new site!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

I've realised recently that my site wasn't cutting it. This new space is so much cleaner, less cluttered and should save you time with everything you need to get the service you are looking for right in front of you on loading.

Become a member

Everytime you book on line you need to enter your details, sign up as a member, no fees, and pick the service you love and a time to suit and you should be ready to go. When you return as a member, you can review the bookings you have and change them without any fuss.

New Price Structure, New service Plans

I have invested a lot recently. I have kept my prices the same for the past 2 years as nothing much has changed. Now, I have improved and I'm offering more. I am confident that the value remains excellent. How do I justify this? well I have done some research by booking myself in for comparable treatments (market research is hard work!) which are a lot more expensive than me and I am happy that my services are easily as good if not better. My new prices are still below the original price when I first took over the business and I don't see the need to change them again anytime soon.

If you are a regular client, you can still get the old price by picking up a Family Therapy plan which secures 10hrs of therapy work at the old price.

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