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Learning Ayurvada

The science of self healing predates historical records in eastern teachings.

I am taking an introduction into this science from some expert teachers. My goal is to begin to apply this knowledge as a compliment to my Yoga teaching and to observe the similarities within Thai medicine.

Understanding a little more about you will definitely help me refine my approach towards helping you feel how you long to feel. We know we are all unique, in Ayurveda there is a process of classification which helps us understand how to work with our specific body type. Not all Yoga practices will benefit you, some foods will better suit your digestion, using some simple herbs may compliment your wellbeing instead of pharmaceutical remedies.

I will not be claiming to be an Ayurvedic doctor after only 75hrs of training 😂 But anything I can learn to compliment your treatment will improve the outcomes we are looking to achieve

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